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Water Proofing On The Roof

  • We provide following activities.
  • Extremely versatile & Seamless waterproofing system
  • Excellent UV and Ozone resistant
  • Ensures sealing around any shape and completely seal around roof fixings
  • Zero flame & Zero heat system application.
  • No-toxic and odourless with extreme flexibility
  • Energy efficiency with High Sunlight reflectivity and dissipation of heat
  • LEED comply product with Ultra Low VOC .


  • Here are some tips to guide you
  • Determine the Source of the Water
  • Drain All Water From the Basement Before Repairs
  • Fill Cracks with Hydraulic Cement
  • Add Dirt to Create a Slope on the Foundation
  • Don’t Forget the Gutters
  • Apply Masonry Waterproofing Products
  • Don’t Forget the Window Leaks



  • Importance Of Toilets Waterproofing
  • Prevents water from seeping to other parts of the house
  • Increases the value of your property
  • Creates a suitable bathroom environment
  • Keeps the leaks at bay
  • Low maintenance costs

Water Tanks

  • We provide following activities.
  • Engineering support during initial design and detailing time
  • Project compliance and performance
  • Highly application specific
  • Technical assistance and on-site support throughout the project
  • Approved applicator options and quality control
  • Organix warranty back up and service